Top 5 Nice Tries of 2016

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“What do you mean, ‘Nice try?!'”

Oh, I might get some backlash on this one. I’ve decided to do a special countdown of 5 movies that were released this year that I found overrated, disappointing, or both! Each movie was one filled with great potential, but simply didn’t live up to it. Here we go!

5) The Girl on the Train – Emily Blunt’s powerhouse performance wasn’t enough to save The Girl on the Train from its uneven tone. Yeah, there are great moments, but there are also some silly, Lifetime material moments, too.

4) Don’t Breathe – I loved the first two acts of Don’t Breathe. It was harrowing, brutal, and featured the underrated Stephen Lang’s best work, but then we got a disgusting rape-fueled twist that made me feel like director Fede Alvarez was trying too hard. Also, how many times can you stay thrilled watching someone escape the same house repeatedly?

3) The Accountant – What was hyped as Bourne meets The Usual Suspects was a well-made, well-acted, albeit implausible mess. Ben Affleck and Jon Bernthal carry the movie and Affleck’s portayal of autism was admirable, but the final twists were predictable and illogical.

2) High-Rise – Director Ben Wheatley tries too hard to be Stanley Kubrick in High-Rise. The themes, dark humor, morbid violence, and transgression of A Clockwork Orange are present, but after an electrifying 45 minutes, High-Rise is nothing more than a redundant homage.

1) Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – It’s the DC fanboy side of me, but I had faith that Zack Snyder would right his Man of Steel wrongs in Batman vs. Superman. Instead, he made countless mistakes, except for casting Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons as Batman and Alfred. Batman vs. Superman tries to touch on the titular characters’ humanity and flaws, but is instead focused more on destruction and dream sequences.

Now what do YOU guys think is the year’s biggest disappointment?


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