It’s a refreshing change of pace for R-rated comedy actors like Andy Samberg, Jordan Peele, and Keegan-Michael Key to show off their comedic talents in an animated family movie. “Storks” is that movie.

“Storks” is set in a world where storks used to deliver babies. The service was shut down, and the storks began delivering packages for a FedEx-style company, Cornerstore. Employee stork Junior (Samberg) regrets not firing human employee Tulip (Katie Crown) when a baby is born! They decide the best course of action is to deliver that baby without their evil boss (Kelsey Grammer) suspecting a thing.

“Storks” is a fast-paced animated comedy with several great visual gags, one-liners, and an imaginative world. This was a date movie for me, and I was surprised at how much fun I was having.

I can attribute my joy to Samberg’s sharp delivery and his chemistry with Crown. Key and Peele also steal a few scenes as a pair of wolves who want to raise the baby as their own. The movie is also quite heartfelt with positive messages about family, and how you can find family in a friend.

I normally don’t like pop songs used in movies (especially after “Suicide Squad” overkilled it), but “Storks” uses its pop songs well. Vance Joy’s “Fire and the Flood” strengthens the sentimental climax.

There are a couple of flaws that bring the movie down a few grades. There’s a stork that Danny Trejo voices, who plays an important part to the script, and we don’t get to know him well like we should. There’s also a little too much verbal exposition for my taste, but this is forgivable due to the film’s energy and humor.

“Storks” is a fun family movie and so far the best movie of September. This month is dreadful, so I’m thankful I chose this as my date movie.

Grade: B

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