2016’s Top 5 Summer Movies.

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In a surprisingly disappointing summer movie season, there were still a select few movies worth recommending. Here are my top 5 summer movies below:

5) Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping/Sausage Party – That’s right, a tie! Both Popstar and Sausage Party made great uses of vulgarity, musical numbers, and satirical commentary, making them the smartest (and funniest) comedies of the summer.

4) Hell or High Water – “Why isn’t this higher?!” Some might ask. Hell or High Water is a masterpiece, but not the best summer movie (I’ll explain at #1). However, in a summer full of lackluster action movies and unnecessary sequels, it was refreshing to see a modern-day Western filled with both heart and cynicism.

3) The Nice Guys – This was a flop, given it was released the same weekend as Neighbors 2, and only two weeks after a certain ensemble superhero movie. Too bad because The Nice Guys is a funny and consistently entertaining revival of the buddy comedy genre, benefiting from Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling’s performances.

2) Kubo and the Two Strings – Laika does it again, delivering a beautiful (and emotional) animated film that’s part horror, part melodrama, and part samurai tribute. Move over, Pixar!

1) Captain America: Civil War – You surprised? I named this #1 because it has everything I look for in a summer movie: intelligence, spectacle, epic grand scale, and humor. Civil War manages to improve upon its predecessors in those categories, making it the best of the franchise. With so many disappointing franchise installments this summer, Civil War is the only summer sequel that came out on top.

Honorable mentions: The Conjuring 2Hunt for the Wilderpeople, & Star Trek Beyond.

That’s my thoughts on the summer of 2016. What were your guys’ favorite movies this summer?


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