Dear haters and fanboys,

If you’ve watched various franchises, you should know very well that reboots are inevitable. You were all angry that we got a “Ghostbusters” reboot either because you weren’t open minded to recasting , or because Ivan Reitman didn’t make his third installment as promised.


A confused movie lover.

That’s not my review! “Ghostbusters” needs no introduction because we all know what it is: a group of paranormal investigators discover a supernatural threat that can destroy New York City and have to save the day. This time it’s Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones as the titular characters.

“Ghostbusters” takes place in a new universe with no mention of Reitman’s classic. And while the cast and director Paul Feig deliver, the script is standard and exactly like the original “Ghostbusters.” Didn’t the writers learn that’s why no one liked “Ghostbusters 2?”

The “Ghostbusters” formula is  four disgraced scientists discover something abnormal and no one believes them, there’s a political antagonist who wants them out of the picture, they quit, and then save the world at the last minute. The 2016 reboot follows this formula without taking any risks.

The cast does their best with what they have. Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are fine, but Kate McKinnon is the scene stealer as the eccentric and fearless, Holtzmann. Her delivery and lines are spot on and hit all the right notes. Leslie Jones is surprisingly more deadpan than the trailer let us believe (and I like my deadpan humor).

Chris Hemsworth (yep, Thor) has great comedic moments as the Ghostbusters’ incompetent receptionist and has me wondering why he doesn’t do more comedies. Andy Garcia also has his moments as an arrogant mayor (you should see how he reacts to being compared to the “Jaws” mayor).

I have to give Paul Feig and the cast credit for standing up to the angry fans and confidently holding their own throughout the movie. They take jabs at Youtube posts at least twice throughout the movie. The problem is, the movie gets lost in callbacks on the original franchise.

Whether it’s following the formula, having a cliched villain reminiscent of Peter MacNicol’s villain in “Ghostbusters 2,” or having forced cameos, we get it! This movie is better when it’s focusing on its own universe.


Most of the cameos feel forced, but the best one of the original cast is Ernie Hudson’s cameo because it feels natural unlike Bill Murray or Sigourney Weaver’s cameos. Slimer’s cameo is funnier than the other cameos in this movie.

Fans overreacted in thinking this movie was, “shitting on their childhood.” This installment might not be good, but there’s hope that the filmmakers will come into their own with the sequel.

Grade: C

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