For those who love horror movies like I do and are tired of cliches, please watch Mike Flanagan’s (“Oculus”) Netflix film, “Hush”.

“Hush” stars newcomer Kate Siegel (who also co-wrote the script with Flanagan) as an introverted writer named Maddie. She’s suffering from writer’s block, and while working on her ending for her new book, she receives a picture message of herself from her phone. She looks out the window and finds a masked killer with a crossbow holding the phone.

A cat-and-mouse game ensues, as the killer doesn’t want to kill Maddie right away – he wants to lure her outside. Maddie also has two serious disadvantages – she’s mute, so she can’t scream for help. And she’s deaf, so she can’t hear if the killer is inside or outside!

“Hush” took me by complete surprise, especially in its opening twenty minutes; the introduction of the killer alone is the most terrifying horror villain introduction since the first “Scream” movie. This isn’t meta or a parody like “Scream” or loaded with jump scares like a cliched slasher movie. It’s a harrowing thriller that builds to a violent climax while visually developing the characters.

Most of Maddie’s thoughts, fears, and plans are expressed through her head in some clever moments and as a result, we’re psyched out occasionally. Flanagan brilliantly used editing to trick viewers during the creepiest moments in “Oculus” (which was fantastic), and continues to show off his talent.

The killer is a twisted, menacing, and intriguing psychopath and we see that he isn’t your cliched slasher villain, but is more of a hunter. The way he toys with Maddie and how she observes for defense increases the tensity.

While “Oculus” was a study of memory and guilt, “Hush” is more of a study of disabilities and isolation; and a damn good one. Please, watch “Hush” if you consider yourself a horror fan and have a Netflix account!

Grade: A-


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